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Far Cry 6: release date, news and rumors

Hot on the heels of Far Cry 5 - which only released in March 2018 - Ubisoft has revealed it's already working on the next entry in the Far Cry series. The new game was teased in a post-apocalyptic trailer which stated that the worldwide reveal would take place during The Game Awards 2018. Though we don't know what the official name of the next Far Cry game will be, we're going to call it Far Cry 6 for now. So without further ado, here's everything we know so far about the upcoming Far Cry title. [Warning: Spoilers for Far Cry 5 ahead.]
Cut to the chase
What is it? The latest addition to the Far Cry action-adventure series When can I play it? No release date yet, but probably 2019 or 2020 What can I play it on? PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Far Cry 6 trailers
The first teaser trailer for Far Cry 6 was released on December 5, 2018 and was our first look at the upcoming title. Although we don't know much about the latest Far Cry, it looks like it will be set in a post-apocalyptic world following a nuclear explosion.  You can check it out below:

Far Cry 6 news
Worldwide Reveal According to the teaser trailer, the worldwide reveal of the latest Far Cry will be made during The Game Awards 2018. Platforms confirmed According to the teaser trailer, the next Far Cry will be available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and PC.

Far Cry 6 rumors
A direct sequel to Far Cry 5? The upcoming Far Cry seems to take place in a post-apocalyptic setting. If you managed to finish Far Cry 5 , then you know this seems pretty familiar. If you got the 'good' ending at the end of Far Cry 5, then Hope County, Montana was destroyed (probably with the rest of the world) by a nuclear explosion.  The teaser trailer for the next game talks about how an explosion caused death and "The flames devoured everything" but eventually "years of rain and howling winds gave way to blue skies and a new world in bloom". This would suggest the upcoming Far Cry follows either directly on from (or is in the same universe as) Far Cry 5 - most likely years after the nuclear explosion. This would be a first for a Far Cry game: usually, each new entry is a standalone title with a different setting. 
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